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In 2013, Rhode Island conducted the largest per capita and most synergistic celebration of children’s health this country has ever seen. Let’s keep the momentum going in 2014 and have the smallest state again provide the biggest impact on children’s health in the country. And then, after we’ve shown that we can make a difference in Rhode Island, let’s take this celebration to the nation.


We hold pep rallies to get kids excited about football. We assemble to remember that character counts. It’s time to do something to get kids excited about their health. And so Eat Healthy RI was created. In last years event, formerly known as the All State Read, over 75,000 students at more than 200 schools, libraries, and youth programs throughout the state participated in the Statewide Reading event of Is Your Hair Made of Donuts?


And this year, we are thrilled to announce that businesses throughout the state of Rhode Island will also be participating in Eat Healthy RI.


Please join us as we launch our 2014 campaign to educate children on the importance of healthy eating with new and innovative programming that  expands upon last year’s event.




 •  the Event takes place March 12, 2014 - Any time of day that you choose.


 •  Advanced registration is required


 •  Registration by Oct. 31 will qualify your organization  to win donated prizes.


 •  Elementary aged children across the state will be either reading, listening, or watching 
Is Your Hair Made of Donuts? You can choose any or all of the activities. Please know there is a menu
     of additional options that you can choose from the download link.




 •  Attention Middle and High Schools- Ask your school’s food services provider to showcase a healthy
     lunch for this State Event.


 •  A new feature for this year’s event will include celebrity chefs.


 •  Businesses                                                                             We are thrilled and appreciative to have you participate!


•  Celebrity readers are available to visit your organization on the day of the event. Please note your
    request on your registration form.


• Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest for news and updates about Eat Healthy
   #eathealthyri   #thepictureofchildrenshealth


Today, children are faced with a deluge of junk food choices the moment that they step away from their doors. Nutrition and what children eat are inextricably tied to their well being. Please join us in this initiative to teach children that they are what they eat. Here's to Your Health!





Governor Chaffee  •  Eva Mancuso, Chair of the Board of Education 

Mayor Avedisian  •  Mayor Diossa  •  Mayor Fontaine

Mayor Fung  •  Mayor Grebien  •  Mayor Lombardi  •  Mayor Polisena

Mayor Taveras   •  Dr. Michael Fine, Director of the RI Dept. of Health

NBC10’s Molly O’Brien, Traffic and Technology Reporter

NBC10’s Anchor, Alison Bologna  •  ABC6 Anchor Doreen Scanlon
State Capitol TV Host Dave Barber  •  Chief Medical Officer Renee Rulin, M.D.,
UnitedHealthcare  •  Rep. Frank Ferri (Warwick)





Nine corporate sponsors joined in to provide support, including:


Blue Cross Blue Shield of RI  •  Champion Juicers  •  Dr. Day Care
East Side Marketplace  •  Sodexo  •  UnitedHealthcare  •  United Natural Foods (UNFI)
Whole Foods Market  •  Walgreen’s.

The Boys and Girls Club of East Providence provided administrative support.






2013 participant testimonials

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  • Mayor Taveras - City of Providence, RI

    “Anytime you have a chance to interact and focus on the health and well being of young students, it is essential to take advantage of this opportunity. Discussing healthy foods in light of the current obesity issue is crucial to the health of our children.”


  • Representative Ferri - Rhode Island Representative

    “Thank you for the opportunity to participate in such a wonderful venue. Your message of good nutrition and you are what you eat as told

    through "Is Your Hair Made of Donuts?" is well delivered and understood by the children who participated. Mission accomplished!”

  • Representative Winfield - Rhode Island  Representative

    Joy Feldman has developed a clever and entertaining way to help children understand that what they put into their bodies really does matter. I’m glad so many of our state’s children have been able to hear her message and learn about the importance of eating nutritious food.

  • Mayor Grebien, City of  Pawtucket, Rhode Island

    "The All State Read of Is Your Hair Made of Donuts? helps us as a community to focus in on awareness  around healthy eating for children at a young age."

  • Molly O’Brien - Traffic and Technology Reporter, Channel 10, NBC

    Great way to make learning fun!  Reading Is Your Hair Made of Donuts?, a book all about nutrition is important in a time where children’s health and obesity are significant issues. The All State Read helps to highlight and incorporate the essential healthful ideas into wellness lifestyles for our young people.

  • Don Cowert - Principal of Hope Highlands Elementary School

    "This event was exciting and important because it was a Collaboration –  Members of the community all across the entire state were all involved. It was not only happening at the district level, but the state level, focusing on healthy nutrition which is important to the schools and to the children."

  • Mary Ann Shallcross Smith, ED. D - President, Dr. Daycare

    I was honored to be a part of such a wonderful day with a grrrreat message.  Count me in for next year!


  • Jewel  Healy - Marketing Team Leader, Whole Foods

    An outstanding event where all students gathered, excited and passionate to learn about eating healthy!


  • Linda Mendonca - President of Rhode Island Certified School Nurse- Teachers

    The highlight of the event was the importance of the message that was delivered- - healthy eating and excellent nutrition conveyed to children across the state in many different settings. Congratulations on a successful statewide event.

  • Dave Barber - Principal Anchor and Reporter for the RI State House

    The All State read is an excellent combination of two positive concepts: a.) promoting reading and literacy; b.) teaching nutrition, good health and eating properly. It is a clever idea! What better way  is there -- to get in front of kids and talk to them about a positive message.

  • Lisa Madsen - Director, Sustainability & Philanthropy, Internal Communications UNFI

    Thank you for making a difference, Joy! I am so proud that UNFI was able to help!


  • Elizabeth Greenberg - Co-President - Nayatt PTO

    We had an amazing day at Nayatt participating in the All State Read.  The book was delightful to share and increased awareness for all the children on healthy eating.  Our librarian, Mrs. Bertoncini, was a big hit as she wore a custom made "donut head piece". We had a special guest reader, Alison Bologna, from channel 10 which was exciting.  Mr. Moran, our physical education teacher, had a great

    day participating in the read as well.  Health, wellness and nutrition is an important topic that can unite a whole school and community together, while still being fun.  Thank you Joy for providing this opportunity to our school!



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